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Fighting For You

Join Morgan Bowen in the Fight to Get America Working Again!

It is safe to say that our National government has been dysfunctional for decades. Now, due to short sighted professional politicians who are corrupted by those who milk and manipulate our governmental leaders, we the American people are once again left to pay a heavy price. The financial meltdown was created by greedy bankers and both Republican and Democratic party politicians who have engaged in years of pay to play, crony capitalism. The Wall Street Bankers get the bail outs (the gold mine)…The American people get the shaft. To fix this problem Americans must work to change the way business in done in Washington. Both sides of the isle seem to constantly sell out to the special interest groups, lobbyists, and corporate giants who dominate the halls of Congress. With millions of contribution dollars thrown at these professional politicians each election cycle, it is no wonder real reform has evaded us as a people. The first step is to send a strong message this November by electing new faces to Congress who will fight for real change. Morgan Bowen will fight to Reform Washington, Rebuild our Industry, Encourage Business Growth and Development, and Renew America. Join with Morgan in the fight for America’s future.

Let’s Get America Working Again!

Fighting for American Energy Independence by 2020

It took seven and a half years for our Nation to put a man on the moon. It took eight years to complete the transcontinental rail road. As a Nation, we should set an aggressive goal to achieve energy independence by 2020. With a united effort of individuals, researchers, entrepreneurs, combined with government incentives, we could realize a sustainable energy future for America. Skyrocketing fuel prices, poor air quality, and excessive carbon emissions can be replaced with clean, renewable, and sustainable energy sources. Energy independence means keeping our energy dollars here in the United States. As a transition to our sustainable energy future we should be making the best use of Utah’s own natural gas reserves and increase refining capacity to keep downward pressure on fuel prices.  High fuel prices equals job growth and development for rogue nations who continue to hold us hostage to the gas pump. Energy independence means domestic job growth and investment that will benefit generations to come

Morgan Will Fight to Keep Utah from Becoming the Nuclear Waste Dump of the World

Morgan and his wife Kristen have close family members among the ranks of the “Down Winders”. These are individuals who were exposed to radiation during the atomic and nuclear bomb testing era. The effects of radiation on Utah still plague many families. We have a new threat today. Energy Solutionshas been active in their desire to import radioactive waste from Italy and store it in Utah. Morgan has continually called on his opponent, Rob Bishop, to cosponsor a bill now in Congress banning the importation of radioactive waste into the United States. Bishop receives thousands in campaign contributions from Energy Solutions and refuses to cosponsor the bill. We need a Congressman who will fight to ensure that Utah does not become the nuclear waste dump of the world. Morgan Bowen will stand up against toxic special interests.

Fighting for Sustainable Innovations

Morgan Bowen spent much of his professional life working toward sustainable solutions to many environmental challenges. As CEO of a sustainable agricultural consulting firm, Morgan helped farmers reduce and eliminate their chemical insecticide use and in many cases help them transition to organic farming methods. While chemical companies ranted that his sustainable approach would cost the consumer and the farmer due to crop losses, Morgan proved them wrong and growers prospered. Morgan worked to ensure farm worker safety by advocating strict pesticide safety rules. Morgan’s company used only organic methods for agriculture pest control and he serviced farmers across the globe with his non toxic innovations. He also managed a three hundred acre organic almond and hay farm.